Yamaha Top Of The Range Four Strokes

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A few years back, Yamaha completely turned four-stroke engine design on its head by introducing the ground-breaking F225 and its sibling, the F200. Weighing in at just 10% more than two-strokes of the same class, these motors mounted beautifully on boats designed for that HP rating. We didn’t stop there; we backed up these towering achievements with one of the most advanced and beautifully packaged four-stroke outboards ever: the F150. This superb new 16-valve DOHC engine neatly filled the gap between our mighty V-6 four-strokes and the class-leading F115. Now, adding to the Electronic Fuel Injection line-up for 2005 is the F80B. And again, in a genuine case of “more for less” this creamy smooth development of the proven F80A actually manages to weigh less than its carbureted predecessor. Every single one of our 16-valve DOHC engines gives unprecedented quietness, clean emissions and fuel economy. On all our large four-strokes, you expect light weight, compact size and masses of power – and those pure Yamaha characteristics are exactly what you get. The Yamaha F350 was the world’s first production V8 four stroke outboard and it completely redefined offshore boating. The combination of the F350’s big 5.3 litre capacity matched with variable camshaft timing and advanced electronic fuel injection systems gives power and performance like no other outboard engine in existence. The F350 has made history, toppled records, inspired boat builders to rethink design and caused offshore boaties to do a double take. Such has been the reaction, that boat owners are now replacing twins with a single F350. They’re saving on fuel and maintenance costs. And they couldn’t be happier. Range – F350, F300, F250, F225, F200, F150, F115 & F100.