Yamaha CV/Enduro Two Strokes

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If you are a no-frills type of boater who demands the best at a reasonable price, the Yamaha CV (Customers’ Value) series is for you.  Built into these hard workers is the quality and reliability that set Yamaha apart from the competition. The proven loop-charged engines deliver reliable power and unbeatable fuel economy, not to mention what you expect most from a Yamaha : legendary durability. Reliable electric starters and alternators ensure confidence and power for quick starts. Even with attractive prices, these are still Yamaha outboards inside and out. That’s why we back them with a 3-year warranty. And the choices are getting better all the time.  In the 50, 30 and 25 horsepower classes, our ongoing research and development efforts have brought new levels of product maturity to the 50H, 30H and 25B models. For more than thirty years Yamaha has been supplying reliable, heavy-duty outboards to the most demanding boaters of all : the people who make their living on the water. If you need an outboard Built Tough the Yamaha Enduro Series are the one for you. When the going gets tough, the smart invest in a Yamaha Enduro engine. The Enduro 60 & 40 horsepower have been built to take the strain of hard work all day, everyday. Years of rigorous testing have produced features that make the difference between a motor that goes the distance and those that quit along the way. CV Range – 50, 40, 30 & 25. Enduro Range – 60 & 40.