Yamaha Midrange Four Strokes

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Whilst Yamaha’s midrange 4-stroke motors are light in weight, you can rest assured that that characteristic doesn’t extend to their performance- far from it. Whether fishing a favourite lake or for leisurely weekend cruising, these engines are a delight to use. For 2005, the excellent power characteristics of the F50, F60 – already universally praised – go to an even higher level with the introduction of multipoint electronic fuel injection on the new F50 and F60. And it’s truly a case of “more for less”, because the new F60 and High Thrust FT60 actually weigh less than the carburettor versions they’re replacing. The silky smooth SOHC 8-valve in-line four power unit now not only clears US EPA 2006 emission standards, but the stringent CARB 2008 regulations as well. Models F40 and F30 utilize a SOHC 6-valve, in-line 3-cylinder power unit. Despite light, compact packaging and a 40hp with the smallest displacement in its class at 747cc, nothing is sacrificed in the performance department. With both models incorporating a long-tube silencer, Microcomputer Control and Precise-Setting Carburettors, exceptional power delivery is assured. Range – F80, F70, F60, F50, F40, F30 & F25.