F20LPA Yamaha 4 Stroke


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F20LPA Yamaha 4 Stroke 20hp Long Shaft, Electric Start, Tilt System, Forward Control PORTABLE OUTBOARD FOR SALE

The F20B is almost the same size as the Yamaha two-stroke model with corresponding output power. A front shift and a bigger throttle grip make engine operation easy, while for power tilt models, the stop switch and PT switch are installed on the tiller handle.

Starting is a breeze first time every time with Yamaha’s Prime Start System delivering the right amount of fuel required for combustion to each cylinder according to the engine temperature. The engine will start with just a light pull on the manual starter or by turning the starter-key on electric start models.

A thick and easy-to-hold carrying grip at the front of the engine and plastic handy-grips at the back make the outboards easy to carry, mount and remove. The plastic handy-grips also have a roll support when the outboard is laid down.

Available in:

  • F20SMHA – Manual Start, Tiller Handle, Transom height – Standard
  • F20LMHA – Manual Start, Tiller Handle, Transom height – Long
  • F20LPHA – Electric Start, Tiller Handle, Tilt System – Manual Start, Transom height – Long
  • F20SPA – Electric Start, Tilt System – Manual Start, Transom height – Standard
  • F20LPA – Electric Start, Tilt System – Manual Start, Transom height – Long

General Features:

  • 10P Alloy prop
  • 10 amp charging
  • 2.92:1 gear ratio
Engine Type 4-Stroke, SOHC In-line 2
Displacement 362.0 cc
Bore x Stroke 63 x 58.1 mm
Recommended Max RPM 5500-6000
Lubrication System Wet-sump
Fuel Management Carb
Ignition CDI
Starter System Manual (MH), Electric (EHP, EP)
Lighting Coil 120W (MH)
Alternator Output 12V – 10A with rectifier regulator (EHP, EP)
Operation Method Tiller handle
Trim & Tilt Method Manual tilt (MH), Power trim & tilt (EHP, EP)
Gear Ratio 2.08 : 1
Previous model code(s) F20BEPL


Transom Length
  • F20SMHA : 438 mm (17.2 in)
  • F20LMHA : 565 mm (22.2 in)
  • F20LPHA : 565 mm (22.2 in)
  • F20SPA : Coming Soon
  • F20LPA : 565 mm (22.2 in)
  • F20SMHA : 51 kg
  • F20LMHA : 53 kg
  • F20LPHA : 60 kg
  • F20SPA : Coming Soon
  • F20LPA : 60 kg

CDI-E: CDI-Electronic Automatic

CDI-M: CDI-Microcomputer
TCI: Transistor Controlled Ignition