Boat Trailers

We sell the full range of Mackay Multilink and Dunbier Boat Trailers. Contact us for competitive prices or more information.

Dunbier Trailers

Dunbier has been manufacturing boat trailers and their components for over 37 years, building a solid reputation for quality and backup reliability and successfully competes with manufactures on a global scale. This is your guarantee that Dunbier is the finest product available both locally and internationally.

Models listed below represent the range of boat trailers available. Use the links to the boat trailer manufacturers web sites for detailed information

Mackay Multilink Trailers

Mackay Multi-Link Pty Ltd. produced its first boat trailer in 1976, and has continued to manufacture them ever since. In the early years customers only required a trailer to transport their boat short distances.

They weren't worried about what it looked like, and there were no Australian design rules! In more recent years consumer awareness has forced companies to improve their products.
Mackay Multi-Link realized this trend many years ago and dedicated themselves to being the market leaders in the manufacturing of boat trailers. Each year we have continued to be the first to offer new ideas and products all directed at making life easier for a boat owner – regardless of the type of boat or watercraft.