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Boat Trailers

We sell the full range of Mackay Multilink and Dunbier Boat Trailers. Contact us for competitive prices or more information.

Dunbier Trailers

Dunbier has been manufacturing boat trailers and their components for over 37 years, building a solid reputation for quality and backup reliability and successfully competes with manufactures on a global scale. This is your guarantee that Dunbier is the finest product available both locally and internationally.

Models listed below represent the range of boat trailers available. Use the links to the boat trailer manufacturers web sites for detailed information

  • Dunbier Centreline

    The Centreline trailer is specifically designed for the aluminium boat user with its specifically designed self-centering poly vee slides, poly rollers and Galvanised steel and poly skids. Designed to slide your boat off with ease, the Centreline trailer then self-centres your boat in normal conditions every time you drive or winch your boat back onto the trailer.Manufacturers Link:

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  • Dunbier Loader Series

    For the fisherman who wants it all, the Loader Series delivers. The design, workability, leadability, practicality, stability and overall performance took months of planning and testing to achieve. The pivoting rear loading system and skid support is an advantage like no other trailer. Picture the boat half way down the trailer…the rear cross member and skid supports place your boat gently into the water and retrieve it again with minimum fuss. With the Loader Series, you won't be waiting at the ramp for long, your precious time will be on the water thanks to this easy launch and retrieve system.Manufacturers Link:

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  • Dunbier Nipper Series

    The Nipper Series offers a competitive range of solid small boat trailers available in assembled or knock-down form in two compact boxes. The trailers are easy to assemble with easy to follow instructions, requiring no drilling or welding…you just bolt it together. New adjustable wheel-base, heavy duty frame, and pre-loomed submersible lighting make this range of trailers true value for money.Manufacturers Link:

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  • Dunbier Rollamatic Series

    The Rollamatic Series offers boaters a competitive range of trailers for both fibreglass and aluminium boats with the benefit of adjustable keel support for the hull as well as a fully adjustable cradle roller system. Like all Dunbier models, the Rollamatic Series offers a heavy duty frame…even the smaller Dunbier models have the same attention to detail that you'll find in the larger models.Manufacturers Link:

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  • Dunbier Sports Series

    Whether you want a 3.7M trailer for your tinnie or a trailer for your personal watercraft, our Sports Series has a comprehensive range of models to suit you. Don't settle for less than the extra strength, styling and quality that this Dunbier Sports Series offers. Suited for both aluminium and fibreglass hulls.Manufacturers Link:

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  • Dunbier Supa Rolla Series

    The Supa Rolla Series is the classic self centering multi-rolla trailer. With the Supa Rolla Series, the boat can be driven on or winched on, it's your choice. The frame is designed wider to allow deep vee boats to remain low for easy launch and stable trailering. With the clever shaped rear cross member, the first of its kind on the market today, this trailer will self centre your boat in any tide or ramp conditions

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  • Dunbier Wide Track Series

    Dunbier took the ultimate, strong and reliable boat trailer then went to work on it. For starters, the frame was refined, then engineered wider, this lets those deep vee hulls to ease right down into the trailer. Next to be added was the wrap-a-round walkway just to keep your feet dry. Then we attached the galvanised axle and springs to the main frame and added the white custom guards and white wheels. To give your boat protection while retrieving, plastic keel guards between the roller arms were added and an "S" bend in the rear cross member was incorporated. Finish the lot off with galvanised bots and u-bolts, and the Wide Track Series is built to work and be seen.Manufacturers Link:

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Mackay Multilink Trailers

Mackay Multi-Link Pty Ltd. produced its first boat trailer in 1976, and has continued to manufacture them ever since. In the early years customers only required a trailer to transport their boat short distances.

They weren't worried about what it looked like, and there were no Australian design rules! In more recent years consumer awareness has forced companies to improve their products.
Mackay Multi-Link realized this trend many years ago and dedicated themselves to being the market leaders in the manufacturing of boat trailers. Each year we have continued to be the first to offer new ideas and products all directed at making life easier for a boat owner – regardless of the type of boat or watercraft.

  • Mackay Multilink Advantage Series

    Mackay Multilink Advantage suits a wide range of aluminium boats from 3.5-4.5 metres.Features:Hand WinchManufacturers Link:


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  • Mackay Multilink KR Series Single Axle

    Mackay Multilink KR Series of boat trailers suit boats up to GVM 1750kg. Trailers have white enamel wheels, bearing buddies, non mark rollers & much more. See more detail by viewing the Mackay Multilink PDF below or the link to Mackay Multilink websiteFeatures:Hand Winch, Jockey Wheel, Waterproof LightsManufacturers Link:

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  • Mackay Multilink MLKR Series Single Axle

    Mackay Multilink MLKR Series single axle boat trailers suit a wide range of boats from approx 4-5 metresFeatures:Hand Winch, Jockey Wheel, Waterproof LightsManufacturers Link:

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  • Mackay Multilink MLKR Series Tandem Axle

    Mackay Multilink MLKR Tandem Wheel Boat Trailers feature galvanised frame & wheels, bearing buddies, non marking rollers & more. See Mackay Multilink PDF or Mackay website using links belowFeatures:Brakes Inertia, Hand Winch, Jockey Wheel, Submersible LightsManufacturers Link:


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  • Mackay Multilink MLMR Series

    Mackay Multlink MLMR Multiroller Boat Trailers are based on the PU Mackay model. The MLNR Mackay Series feature galvanised frame, wheels & springs. More information can be found by the links provided below to Mackay Multilink PDF or vist the mackay websiteFeatures:Brakes Inertia, Hand Winch, Jockey Wheel, Submersible LightsManufacturers Link:

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  • Mackay Multilink PU 2010 Series

    Mackay Multilink PU boat trailers feature multi rollers, swing jockey wheel, auto rear rocks for launching & retrieval. Find out more by visiting the Mackay Multilink web site or view the Mackay PDF brochure linked belowManufacturers Link:

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  • Mackay Multilink PU Series

    Mackay Multilink PU Boat Trailer Series feature multi roller support, white enamel wheels, non marking rollers, nylon keel rollers & much more. Please see the Mackay Multilink PDF or visit Mackay Multink website from below linksFeatures:Brakes Inertia, Hand Winch, Jockey Wheel, Submersible LightsManufacturers Link:


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  • Mackay Multilink WV - PWC / Jet Ski

    Mackay Multilink WV Series boat trailers suit Jet Skis, Waverunners & other water vehicles.Features:Hand Winch, Jockey Wheel, Waterproof LightsManufacturers Link:

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