A Different Breed of Engine for a Different Breed of Boater - Evinrude boaters are a breed apart, willing to stand up to some of the harshest conditions the planet can produce. Of course, they need equipment that's as durable as they are.

Evinrude E-TEC fit the bill with virtually indestructible stainless steel parts and extensive DeepGuard corrosion protection. Outboards use a stainless steel steering tube, steering arm, pivot shaft, drive shaft, prop shaft and fasteners.

E-TECs are as fuel efficient as 4 strokes

Thanks to stratified combustion E-TECs achieve fuel economy and efficiency only previously possible with 4-strokes. In fact, the new E-TEC 250hp is 36% more fuel efficient than the Mercury Verado 250hp at wide open throttle.

E-TECs are easier to own and operate

E-TECs require no scheduled dealer maintenance for the first 3 years or 300 hours of normal recreational use. You'll never have to change oil or oil filters - ever. Plus, no belts to change, carburettors to set or lifters to adjust. Compare that to a 4-stroke

E-TECs are cleaner than the cleanest 4-stroke

The environmentally friendly E-TECs already meet 2006 EPA EU and 2008 CARB 3-Star emissions requirements. Every drop of engine oil is combusted and accounted for in it's 3-star rating. This is not the case with 4-strokes.

E-TECs are lighter than comparable 4-Strokes

The new E-TEC 225hp is 54kg lighter than the Mercury Verado 225hp. Less weight means significantly better handling, improved out-of-the-hole performance, and optimised speed.

E-TECs are just as quiet as 4-Strokes

Not only are E-TECs as quiet as 4-strokes, they produce a more pleasing, less obtrusive sound. In other words, the sound of your E-TEC engine will not interfere with the sound of your own voice.

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