Haines Signature

Haines Signature Boats - Australia's leading fibreglass trailer boat builders - A visit to our Wacol Brisbane plant introduces you to our Signature Benchmark Program. In this, our team strives to build every boat better than the last. The highest grade stainless steel rod-racks, bow-rails, windscreens, electronics, your specified options – every tiny detail – is carefully fitted and then before your Signature leaves the plant, it is meticulously detailed and thoroughly inspected. All of this makes Signature the benchmark in Lifestyle Boating™.

In crafting a Signature hull we use a superior grade of fibreglass, double bias matting. It has a finer, tighter, and therefore much stronger weave. It uses less resin, is therefore less brittle, and is also lighter. The highly-polished, seductive gelcoat finish is also the best available today. It is almost 100% impervious to UV ray damage with negligible decomposition in colour or resin texture.

(There are boats we built 30 years ago that are still in pristine condition.)

The highest and most credible praise comes from peers and the industry as an institution. It means that they judge our product to be of the highest quality, at the leading edge, setting the benchmark for trailer boats across Australasia. This means you can buy Signature with total confidence, sure in the knowledge that we are not just beating our own chests about Signature, the whole industry recognises our achievements.

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