Amongst the most powerful 4-stroke engines ever built. Honda's revolutionary BF225 features a compact 60° V6, 3.5 litre engine with 24 valve, Multi Point sequential fuel injection and Variable Air Intake System.

For the first time in the marine industry, Honda's VTEC (Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control) system has been applied. Its use in the BF225 ensures optimum performance for smooth power delivery and flatter torque curve. The result is consistent acceleration and power in all conditions.

Honda’s powerful and industry leading BF225 is the choice of outboard for Sea World’s Ski Show. These outboards need to have low emissions, instant throttle response, and the overall performance necessary to pull two bare foot skiers and the famous Sea World Ski Pyramid. This application is a practical demonstration of the performance of Honda’s amazing BF225 outboards