Mako Craft

The Stessl family has for the past 30 years been at the cutting edge of aluminium boat building history. In June 2005 the new generation of Stessl boats "Mako Craft" was born. Alf Stessl retired and his son and daughter, Tim and Nicola Stessl, took the helm of the only Stessl family owned company "Makocraft".

As in years gone we at Makocraft pride ourselves on building boats that are built with the following in mind:


Our boats are built by boaties and fishermen as if they were building one for themselves. Never compromising on materials and always building them over market standards.


Our boats have evolved from over thirty years of listening to people's feedback on our designs, layouts and fixtures and then processing this feedback into new designs.


Our boats are all designed with your safety and that of your family and friends as of paramount importance.


We believe that our boats are the best value that money can buy. Giving you more boat for your dollar.

With this dedication and commitment to bringing you that best range of aluminium boats available, Makocraft are proud to welcome you to the next generation in Australia's boating future. We invite you to join us for another 30 years of fun and fishing.