• Seafarer Viking 5.5m

    This turn of the century Viking is a champion of the water and one of the best 5.5m offshore craft available today. It delivers rough water performance like no other for a boat with a hull its size. No longer will anchoring offshore in deep and sometimes rough water be a challenge, with easy cabin access to the foredeck to make the task much easier.When put through its paces, the Viking holds its own and handles even the toughest conditions admirably. It has ample storage space, an increased cabin height providing for a large access hatch with easy reach to the deck hatch and hardware and plenty of rod racks and holders. The top step contains a large locker which can be used for general storage, or utilised to store a large quantity of rope for deep water anchoring.Whether you plan on heading out for a day or a week, the Viking is a versatile all rounder, perfect for any fishing adventure.

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  • Vagabond 6.2

    A ‘vagabond’ is a drifter or a wanderer who roams wherever they please, following the whim of the moment. It’s also an appropriate description for this boat as it allows you to wander away from home at the weekends and explore the coastal waterways or islands. If you find yourself a great spot, then why not stay the night? The Vagabond has a half cabin which sleeps two comfortably but also has enough deck space for you to swag under the stars.The Vagabond has one of the smoothest rides in the fleet, but more importantly, the hull knows exactly what to do with every horse power fitted to it (up to 225hp). You will find yourself accelerating over the chop because the hull just smooths it out. No matter the conditions, the Vagabond is a comfortable ride for all on board.So if you want to drift, wander or punch through it all the way home you can’t go past a Vagabond. Also available as a twin rig.

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  • Victory 6.0

    There is no better known “V” than the one for Victory. This model has been part of the Seafarer family since the early days and has evolved over the years to the model you see today. A pioneering sport-fishing craft, it is one of our most popular boats and much loved by all who have owned one.At 6m it’s ideal for those who have a few more fishing buddies to accommodate for or those who appreciate that extra space. This Victory loves offshore conditions and is capable of handling more seas than your stomach can cope with.This boat was conceived and built with fishing in mind but is also versatile and adaptable enough to double as a pleasure craft for a day on the water with the family. A Victory makes you proud and you would certainly be proud to own this boat.

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