Haines Signature 530SF

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EASY DAYS Whether it’s for family action, serious fishing or both, your first ventureinto boating should not only be an easy one, it should be sheer pleasure.Creature comforts, like a cabin to retreat to when it gets blowy or too hot,ensure you begin your boating days enjoyably. The 530SF has it all. It’s sizeable enough for getting amongst the offshoreaction. The cockpit is spacious with heaps of stowage. Then there’s theincomparable ride and stability that comes with the exclusive SignatureVariable Deadrise Hull™. When you’re out skiing, wake-boarding or hauling in the big ones in your530C, they’re easy days. Boat Packages  With over 30 years experience in the marine industry, we understand thatpurchasing the right engine and trailer for your Signature boat is importantto you. That’s why we have designed a range of specially crafted, economicalpackages to provide optimum performance and a lifetime of enjoyment on the water.  The 530SF is available as BOAT, MOTOR and TRAILER